Sheri V.
"The Exercise Coach in Carmel has been a very pleasant surprise! I would not have believed that a 20 minute routine would produce the results it has. The trainers keep me encouraged and on track with my goals. I leave the 20 minute workout feeling like I have pushed myself for an hour!"
Judi B.
"I am so glad that I joined the Exercise Coach program. My coaches push me through those last reps that I know I wouldn't complete without them. I feel so much better about the direction I am going with my health and feel stronger already. It's truly amazing how fast the routines go and I look forward to the extra energy I have after a workout. Lookout summer tank tops, here I come!"
Brent V.
"My experience at Exercise coach has been one of the best experiences I've had. The entire staff is fully supportive of my needs and make me feel very welcome. The encouragement along the journey is unprecedented. They help and inspire me to meet and exceed attainable goals. Matched with the Whole30 Nutrition plan, the Exercise Coach is a step ahead of all other personal trainers and workout plans."
Susan R.
"The biggest difference I have noticed is because of the strength training. I didn't really realize how much stronger I had become until I was in the midst of other activities - for ex: I played tennis and I was glad to realize that my backhand was a lot stronger than before. Also - the first time I went kayaking after working out, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease in which I did it. My upper body strength has come a long way! Trevor and Kayla make the workouts so pleasant - they are terrific!"

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